"When we first thought about getting married we put it off because of the stress of wedding planning. We decided to have a private ceremony in Mexico so that it was stress free. Not only was our ceremony stress free, it was a beautiful wedding thanks to Paulina. Paulina's passion for wedding planning flourishes in her work, she is an absolute joy to work with. On our wedding day, Paulina made sure everything was set up, she was there for both brides, helping us zip up dresses, calming nerves, making sure every detail went smoothly. The day after our wedding we were a little sad because Paulina had been by our side since we had gotten to Mexico and now our wedding was over and it was time to part ways...however, two years later Paulina still remains a friend to us, because she made such a huge impact on our special day. We are forever grateful for Paulina, we suggest to anyone who considers going to Mexico to get married and let Paulina do the wedding planning!"

Wedding Planner : Paulina Cruz
Wedding Photographer : Adventures Photo Weddings
Location : Riviera Maya, México

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Riviera Maya, México.

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