As much as you can try to plan every last detail of your wedding and make sure everything runs smoothly, there will likely be some things that arise unexpectedly. There just certain aspects of a wedding that, no matter how much you prepare, are unforeseen and unavoidable. This definitely does not mean that chaos will ensue on your big day! What it means is that there are some things about being a bride on her wedding day that no one can prepare you for, and that you just have to roll with on the big day!

Weddings are meant to be wonderful, memorable, and exciting days, so don’t forget to relax and enjoy the day that you’ve worked so hard for! Here are some ‘wish someone told me’ truths about weddings that you need to prepare for!

Feel the love

Everyone who is at your wedding came to share the special day with you. They are their to show their support and love for you, and to help make your day magical and memorable. Remember to take a second and soak in that feeling and embrace it.

Be ready for curveballs

You have spent days and days planning your wedding day and making sure that everything is exactly how it should be. And, as much as we wish it to not be true, there may be some details that might not go according to plan. However, don’t stress out or get upset about these minor details. Instead, focus on the big picture and remind yourself that it’s not the end of the world! If a problem arises, promptly look for a solution and tackle it, without letting it grow. Look on the positive side, remember that all your loved ones are here to celebrate with you, and relax. Small hiccups should not prevent you from having the most magical day.

Find some alone time

It is natural to feel a little overwhelmed by the intense emotions of love, feelings of excitement, powerful support, and the craziness of the big day. Every bride may need to take a moment for herself to take a deep breath. You will likely want to have some alone time to reflect on the day, gather your thoughts, and take it all in. Some of the most precious moments of the day are the ones you spend by yourself, or with your partner, preparing and taking in all the wonder that comes with your special day.

Don’t fight the happy tears

This may not be a surprise, but there’s something about weddings that make everyone’s emotions run wild. It is almost a guarantee that there will be happy tears from you, your parents, your partner, your best friend, or someone in the crowd. To prepare, first and foremost, make sure you have beautiful wedding day makeup and have some waterproof mascara on. In case you need a touch up, have a makeup kit handy so you can look flawless in your wedding photographs. Don’t be afraid to cry a little bit, but also make sure you don’t let the emotions take over. If you need to, take a deep breath.

Control your nerves

Whether it’s stepping out onto the dancefloor for your first dance, reciting your vows, or feeling everyone’s eyes on you when you walk down the aisle, there are bound to be moments in which your nerves start acting up. Every bride will feel overwhelmed by nerves or anxiety at one point in the evening (it naturally comes with the center of attention for a whole day), but it’s important to not let those feelings affect your mood too much.

Always keep in mind that your wedding is a time for you and your partner to celebrate the love you two share and the wonderful journey you are about to embark upon. Everyone else is there to join in this celebration, so don’t let all their eyes on you prevent you from enjoying your moment! If you feel your anxiety rising, simply take a look at your partner and remember what this amazing night is all about.

Lovely, little moments

This may come as a surprise to you, but the moments you will enjoy the most on your wedding day will be the ones you least expected. There will be a few precious moments that warm your heart and find a special place among all the memories from this wonderful time. They will be moments that you treasure forever, and if you’re lucky, your wedding photographer will be there to capture every single one.

Let it sink in

After the amazing day you have had, all the wonderful emotions, and beautiful memories, you will probably feel pretty exhausted. However, once the night comes to an end and you take a moment with your partner to reflect, you will realize that you are now legally bound in marriage to your spouse. This may seem silly, but things will feel more official, you will feel different, and you’re going to feel amazing.

Remember that your wedding day is all about you and your spouse, and is a time to celebrate the journey of love you two share. Don’t let minor hiccups deter you from having the wedding of your dreams!

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